ScreenCast Tutorial on how to install, setup, and use Wine-Doors utility that is available in Linux Mint 8 to run almost all MS Windows Applications and Games. The demonstration is created using Linux Mint 8 32bit Helena, Ubuntu Linux 9.10 64bit, Kdenlive 0.7.6, Cheese, RecordMyDesktop. 100% original production by the Tech Show.

25 Responses to “Wine-Doors in Linux Mint 8 runs MS Windows Apps & Games”

@mog1983 yeah
u just gotta try it

@Smeddog1 yep
thats good

@dupasqk cool
good luck

@dupasqk awesome thats good news
thanks a lot :-)

Hey man. Disregard my previous post. I saw your linux mint 9 RC video and I installed that instead. AND STEAM WORKS!
Again, you rock dude.

Osgui, your video inspired me to install linux mint 8 helana on my system, I even deleted my windows load. I love your video.
I followed your steps and have my wine doors installed with most of the components you listed ( excluding a few apps and games) however I’m unable to run steam at all. Could you make a video covering steam more in depth?
You rock!

sookster54 Says:

@acuteawareness wine is OK, but I use winex which seems a tad more complete and I can play major games in it like City of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies, most of the Call of Duty (and Steam), Battlefield titles, etc but the downside is punkbuster won’t work. However certain programs does have trouble under Linux no matter what version Wine or whatever, like Blackberry’s DM or iTunes, etc.

As long as games work I’m happy.

kayakerocomar Says:

que animal! grosooo!!!

@acuteawareness try musicbrainz its a great program for tagging and it does it automatically. musicbrainz (.) 0rg

The more I learn about linux, the cooler it gets !!!

123bluefirefly Says:

I have one big comment seems to be a secret how do you get normal gamepad to work with linux like I have GF G60301A controll but is useless right now

The games that require DirectX normally run with Wine-doors?
And the games that have GameGuard protection, I can run using Wine-doors?
Very good your video!

@acuteawareness lol ok

acuteawareness Says:

I think Adobe is charging $600 for a Photoshop CS4 key. I’ll sell you one for $300.

acuteawareness Says:

I think I’ve tried the whole dozen and none can compete with mp3tag, but I’ll keep looking.

I think I have seen a dozen MP3 tag editors for Linux
really non of them r good?

acuteawareness Says:

I’ve yet to find a Windows program that runs flawlessly under Wine. Most are quite buggy. However, they run fine on an XP virtual machine in VMware Player. There’s really only one Windows program I can’t live without and that’s Mp3Tag. There are no good tag editors for Linux.

MrControl715 Says:

wine sucks

FreeIThelp Says:

No you cant sorry, Linux Is a very Internet Dependent OS. especially Ubuntu…

no cant really do anything without the internet on linux

clembomber Says:

ooooooooohhhhhh thanks man that was a conundrum for me.

dragonwars2 Says:

can you still install wine doors with out internet on the computer yet

I agree, it is a few years old, not updated anymore

Crossover for Games

clembomber Says:

which windows programs do i need to install to be able to run the majority of games available on wine-doors and others?

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