See the amazing Content Aware Scale in photoshop CS4 first look Colin Smith walks you through the new Content Aware Scale. This thing is like magic! Scale while preserving the important parts of a photo. Learn how to use channels to gain even great control over this powerful new feature.

25 Responses to “Photoshop CS4 content aware scale”
StealY0urFace Says:

Pen tool and move it

that’s stupid. You’re saying that to get an image of a correct size you’d have to transform and crop.
It’s a brilliant tool. kind of mind blowing really, but cs5 just blows it away.

StealY0urFace Says:

Or you could just hold shift when you transform….

Pathetic implementation of a brilliant idea.
And a really bad image to use as example.

digitalchico Says:

Duh I’ve learned in 1 month how to do special effects dis is about the hottest most amazing program in the world besides computers lol but yeah its awesome thanks and peace =D

good its an awesome program but its too expensive so torrents are the only logical way
good luck

digitalchico Says:

Don’t worry I have it now lmao

otherwise get a torrent

jackstoopid Says:

that’s why he said to grab the image with the marquee tool. of course, he could have just said to select all instead…
great video & good info!

digitalchico Says:

thanks dudeeeeeeeeee

torrents or u can download the trials aff the adobe site and download a program called adobe all products and it will give u a s=cerial code and patch it 4 u its on youtube

digitalchico Says:

Wat? How?

its not that hard to download, i got photoshop cs3 and cs4 and i could get the other ones if i wanted:)

digitalchico Says:

true enough and probably my rich grandfather sike


digitalchico Says:

Master collection is fuckign expensive over 4 gand who the fuck does that?

Thx, in deed my layer was locked, thanks for the advice ;)

felixnutella Says:

Make sure that you don’t try to do it on the background layer.

hi guys ! hmm, well, i have CS4 and just dicovered this new feature, wich seems truly… awesome. I wanted to give it a try, but I can’t seem to get it working, do you guys have an idea about why ? (the “content-aware scale” is in grey )
Thx for your help !


davicho1576 Says:



onlinegamersalliance Says:

Read you idiot.

psychodelicloverboy Says:

You select the image, with the rectangular markee tool or any method you prefer, then go to Edit, Then Content aware scaling and you just scale your image as you wish

Syst3mNuk3r Says:

Photoshop CS4.

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