Photoshop CS5 is now available! Try or buy it in English today at then see what one fan would endure to get the first copy of Photoshop CS5.

25 Responses to “One Photoshop Fan’s Quest for Photoshop CS5”


xXxhalomanxXx Says:

too bad i have to pay $1000 just for a fucking picture editer!

@madnesscombat5 You’re poor. I laughed.

Can u clap your fingers and make the bugs go away?

LuminousSpace Says:


madnesscombat5 Says:

@Nerolus oh, and shut the fuck up faggotsauce, wana be friends? i lied, good fight.

madnesscombat5 Says:

@Nerolus yes, i would be poor IF i spent 2000 dollars on a peice of software.

@madnesscombat5 LOL @ YOU, YOU’RE POOR.

lol xD .

Arrived in the mail 30 minutes ago…. CS5.. now, let’s see if it’s all it’s meant to be!!! Entertaining vid.. thanks!

clutchfive1337 Says:

Nice Video but i think it need more effects.. you can get nice video effects plugins and addons from aries-films file section. Just google for Aries-Films man.. pc

freeeeeemusic Says:

Hey every1, just foud a great website with huge file collection (PC And MAC) Just google For Aries-Films and u will find it. You can also watch youtube video in my channel and see how many great programs they got


Indeed, too bad that CS5 can’t erase this crap from our memory.

lol ur using Adobe and MacBook. isnt that ironic?

Loyalty4Life Says:

@funkyewan It was worth every second. Hilarious.

Did that really have to be over 3 minutes long?

Hmm i dun like After effects to be only on 64 bit T_T Btw this video is LOL

linkinpain Says:

@themage747 i guess you cant =/

paceetrate Says:

@themage747 Don’t update until there’s actually something major added and then buy it. :P If Adobe wants to their waste their time charging ridiculous amounts for piddly little upgrades, fine, but they won’t be getting my cash. CS3 is still working just fine for what I do. I might wait until 6 comes out and then get 5 for cheap.

IBeCeRTiiFieD Says:


Alls i can say is, you can get any program for free

madnesscombat5 Says:

@Nerolus im not spending 1000$ for some fucking software, phr33 st00f pl0x.

madnesscombat5 Says:

@themage747 just download it free off a private torrent website duh????? FREEEE, my bro has every single adobe product cs4 for free, now hes gunna get cs5 soon.

2:25 thats what she said

TheAsshats Says:

Too bad CS5 can’t erase this shit from my memory.

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